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Tatra broke Říčany's reign in the Championship


The Czech Champions of the KB Extraliga 2006-07 are Tatra Prague RFC. They won both legs of the final (19-3 first, 13-12 second) over their rivals Říčany RC and claimed the title that Říčany held for three previous years.

In the third place play-off, Vyškov beat Sparta 36-17 but it wasn't enough to erase the nearly forty-point deficit from the first leg. Sparta take the third place, Vyškov finishes fourth.

Fiftht place play-off

Slavia 69 – Dragon 3 (first leg 17-29), Slavia take fifthe place. 

Final standings after play-offs

  1. RC Tatra Smíchov
  2. RC Říčany
  3. RC Sparta Praha
  4. RC Jimi Vyškov
  5. RC Slavia Praha
  6. RC Dragon Brno
  7. RK Petrovice (stay in the Extraliga after they won relegation against Zlín)
  8. RC Havířov (relegated after a lost relegation series with Praga who take their place)



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