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Czech Championship knows its finalists


Czech Championship knows its finalists

The second leg of the semifinals, played home and away on score agreggate, decided that Říčany and Tatra will meet in the final on expense of Vyškov and Sparta respectively. The final will be played in two legs, starting June 16, and finishing on Saturday, June 23 when Tatra host Říčany. Third place playoff: Sparta - Vyškov is played on the same dates.

In the relegation zone (5-8th place), highest seeded Slavia (5th after regular season) beat Havířov (8th) in two games and sent them into relegation series versus Praga (winners of the 2nd Division). Petrovice (7th) lost the first leg to Brno (6th) and had the second game postoponed to the next weekend. The winner will play Zlín (2nd in 2nd Division) in the second relegation series.

Semifinal results

  • Tatra (1st) beat Sparta (4th after regular season)

Second leg: Tatra 13 Sparta 3
First leg: Sparta 12 Tatra 19

  • Říčany (2nd) beat Vyškov (3rd)

Second leg: Říčany 28 Vyškov 15
First leg: Vyškov 13 Říčany 29

  • Slavia (5) beat Havířov (8)

2nd leg: Slavia 28 Havířov 14
1st leg: Havířov 25 Slavia 14

  • Brno (6) v Petrovice (7)

2nd leg: (June 8)
1st leg: Petrovice 22 Brno 28






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